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It was considered that Beagles are the descendants of hounds during the Roman era. Individuals at the ancient periods make Beagles as an excellent hunting partner especially when chasing rabbits. And so far, they still have that hunter instinct yet in a much more subtle way.

Normally lively and dynamic, Beagles are conveniently-sized, handsome and easy to groom. You’ll never have a problem taming this dog in front of an unfamiliar person because they are friendly with people. Besides that, this dog is quite friendly to the point that coping with other pet animals will not be an issue. They have this soulful expression that can make you fall under its spell. The qualities that this pet dog have makes individuals want to have it as their pet.

On the other hand, as what exactly have mentioned, beagle dogs were developed as hunting canines so it is not far from reality that some of their hunting dog behaviors may abruptly arise.

A beagle is always on the go. They are fond of moving anywhere they could be. It is by means of exercising or playing that they’re able to direct their extra strength. They need more exercise as much most people could provide them. With that being said, lacking of exercise routines poses a great health danger to these canines. Although almost all pet beagles are kept in city apartments and condominiums, they must really not be. They will need broader spot where they could take long walks and stretch out their legs. Keeping them in lawn with a leash on is suggested. This is mainly because Beagles without a leash will surely rush and move around just to spend its strength, this makes it a great burden of chasing them. The reason for this is that this breed of dogs are typical explorers and chasers. They literally follow their nose when they smell something fascinating.

These dog are great wanderers and will grab a chance when it arrives, that is why owners are encouraged to keep a careful eye with them. Furthermore, they should not be left alone because they howl every time they feel bored or alone, or worst, they dig holes. When training this dog breed, you can make use of foods as a tool for them to focus on anything you trained them to do. Nonetheless, make sure that your training with the Beagle is not reliant on food as their reward, use some other methods from time to time. You should be firm and consistent with your training methods to be able to properly have your dog trained.

This breed doesn’t require a luxurious maintenance. Possessing a short fur, Beagles just shed a good amount of fur. What exactly this dog needs is occasional scrubbing for at least two or three times each week. This will assist in eliminating loose hair thus there will be less shedding.

Those above mentioned things are great for you if you intend to adopt beagles. One personality that Beagles are famous for is their loyalty to their owners. That’€™s the heaviest reason why Beagles are the best dog for you if you want a dog that could go with you in your long walks.