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One might not have encountered the word wet brain alcoholism before. Individuals suffer this condition due to a reduced Thiamine levels inside the body. Thiamine or called Vitamin B1 has a lot of functions in the body just like converting glucose to produce energy, breaking down of carbs, and it is also necessary in the synthesis of brain chemicals like the neurotransmitters.

Brain damage from abusive drinking can paralyze the brain cells because it affects the absorption of thiamine inside the body. Therefore, alcoholics are individuals who are in great danger for getting wet brain syndrome. Although, there are a few instances that thiamine deficiency can also develop in obese individuals who have undergone bariatric surgery (reducing or taking away a portion of the stomach).

The Wet Brain Symptoms

Wet brain syndrome is characterized with two levels of improvement. The first phase is known as the Wernicke’€™s encephalopathy phase, this is fairly severe. This stage makes the patient suffer signs that affects gait and weakens the lower extremities, nerves accountable in eye movement and mental confusion. Among the few other signs that are closely monitored by a few medical professionals are epileptic seizures, intensifying hearing loss, low blood pressure and stupor (that has an effect on the person’€™s level of consciousness). The second phase is known as Korsakoff’€™s psychosis, this has been known to create chronic symptoms. The onset of this condition signs the beginning of forgetfulness and changes in the patterns of behavior one has experienced. This is when the person suffers from retrograde amnesia or a difficulty of recalling old information. In addition, studies show that 80% to 90% of alcoholics who suffered Wernicke’€™s encephalopathy do also have Korsakoff’€™s psychosis, therefore the word was created.

Neuropyschological examination is the process regarded in having wet brain syndrome identified. In examination, the physician indentifies the triad signs of this condition by observing the patient’€™s motor and cognitive functions. Thiamine administration is started whenever a particular person is identified with Wernicke’€™s encephalopathy. Additionally; Thiamine treatment for the condition usually takes 2-3 weeks. It is through this that the improvement of Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome can be prevented. Nevertheless, this treatment modality only provides reduction of the development of the condition and doesn’€™t resolve the deficit. That being said, there will be a permanent loss of memory and thinking skills disability.

It is therefore highly recommended to steer clear of heavy alcohol drinking in order to avoid wet brain. Alcoholics have been warned that excessive drinking of alcohol impairs the absorption of Thiamine and some other vital nutrients within the body. Having said that, they must consume healthy foods and take in supplements to sustain the need of minerals and vitamins. It is therefore encouraged that one should eat nutritious and healthy foods that have high Vitamin B1 just like raisins, whole grains, dried pecans, cereals and egg yolks. Lastly, one should have also familiarize the indications and symptoms of this deficiency as a way to utilize early treatment method just before everything gets worse.

Now that facts are being mentioned about just what is wet brain, you must be completely mindful about its indications and the treatments required to address the condition. So if you’re an alcoholic, it’€™s time to make some major changes in your lifestyle just before things are too late. Bear in mind, wet brain syndrome is not a simple condition that needs to be taken for granted.